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iProfit Forex Robot (MT4 EA) : The World's Most Successful Neural Network Strategy

Discover the features that make iProfit Forex Robot (MT4 EA) the most reliable and profitable solutions for professional traders and fund managers around the world.

Trading Logic

Self-contained neural network system dynamically adapts to the most recent price action and updates the predicted high/low values every hour.

7 Yrs Live Track

Proven consistent performance with a seven year MyFxBook verified performance track record. Reference account run on IC Markets – a highly reputed broker.

12 Yrs BactTest

12 year tick data back-tests with 99.9% accuracy shows the robustness of the strategy. Comparative results of live trading vs back-test available for past 6 years.

Gain Potential

iProfit has gained over +8000 pips consistently since its inception. The average gain potential is +170 pips/month (monthly equity gain of about 5% at medium risk level).

Account Safety

Safe trading strategy with server side SL, hidden SL and TP. All trades are closed on Friday – No trades held over the weekend. No Grid, No Martingale, No Hedging.

Traded Pairs

Excellent diversification by trading pairs with varying degrees of correlations. The recommended trading pairs are  : EURUSD, EURJPY, XAUUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD.

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iProfit Forex Robot : Profitable, Proven & Time-Tested

Number of trades
Live Trading Since
Number of Months
Net Pips Gained
Compounded Equity Gain
Trade expectancy (Pips )

MyFxBook Verified Performance Record of iProfit

Cumulative Net Banked Pips Per Month

  • iProfit Forex Robot reference real account is run on IC Markets, a highly reputed and well regulated broker – You can be assured that the trading results are not manipulated or fake as may be the case with some unregulated brokers.
  • The trading track record is fully verified by both MyFxBook and FxBlue – These are are third-party verification website platforms, automating and synchronizing trading performance.
  • iProfit has been trading without interruption since August 2013 serving as a valid reference account for traders.
  • No Martingale, Grid or Hedging methods are used. Trading entry/exit and money management are fully automated.
  • iProfit has been able to remain profitable in various kinds of market conditions ranging from extremely low to  extremely high volatility.
  • iProfit has been live trading successfully through several high risk events like elections, black swan events, data releases and now the current Covid-19 Crisis.

Importance of Pip and How It Shows True Performance

When a trade is closed the profit or loss, it is expressed in the pip value of the quote currency. The total profit or loss is determined by multiplying the pip difference between the open price and closing price by the number of units of currency traded. This yields the total pip difference between the opening and closing transaction. The equity growth depends on the risk level (lot size) used for trading. When a trader uses low risk the gain and associated risk of drawdown are lower. Similarly when high risk is used, the trader can expect higher gains while accepting a relatively higher drawdown. The risk level analysis provided below is derived from the reference trading account.

The trading data is derived from iProfit IC Markets real account and takes into account the actual swap + commission charges (@$6 per round lot).

iProfit Forex Robot (MT4 EA) Pricing Plans

Purchases made under this offer are covered by the Avangate 30 day money back policy. Please note that performance over short term periods can never be guaranteed and refunds claim should not be based on this aspect. We encourage traders to fully understand the strategy and set expectations as per their risk appetite. Feel free to get in touch with Phibase HelpDesk for any clarifications.

Purchases made under this offer are NOT covered by the Avangate 30 day money back policy. We are able to extend this price on direct purchase since it overrides the payment processing system which accounts for developer processing/marketing fees and royalty payments


Give you 5/5 stars for customer service, if there’s a place for customer feedback!


Been 6 years in this business and never seen such excellent support. This is a steady safe robot which has been raking in the gains silently. Good trading volumes to see a decent cashback return on commissions too.



I was one of your first customers. Over the years your products have only gotten better with time. Your technical reports, recommendations and results are trust worthy. Support is simply amazing!

United States
Phibase member since 2012

One of the reasons why I rank Phibase into top of my EA-developers list: they listen to their customers and are ready to react if there is solid reason to do so.

United States
Phibase member since 2012

At least two ingredients are required for long-term trading success: 100% responsibility for the trading results, and multiple trading strategies with an edge! Based on my experience, PhiBase is doing a very good job at delivering the latter ;-). I also appreciate the continued refinement of their products (while being careful to not over-optimize), the detailed technical reports, and, last but not least, the really prompt response to my emails!

Phibase member since 2014

What are Neural Networks?

iProfit Forex Robot

Phibase Technologies has been researching machine learning for several years now. First version of iProfit started trading live in 2013 and over the years the system has evolved into a full fledged Forex Trading Suite which will be of great value to both manual and auto traders. iProfit our self contained neural network strategy has proved itself to be extremely robust and the most successful commercially available trading strategy.

  • Machine Learning is a new approach where the system is trained rather than being programmed with hard-coded rules.
  • Neural Networks are algorithms capable of recognizing relationships between data points.
  • Neural Networks can adapt to variations in input data, enabling it to generate better output results

iProfit Forex Robot Trading Style

iProfit Forex Robot is an ultra-short term strategy trading on H1 time frame (every tick). This may not be classified as a scalper. The system has a success rate of 62% average gain size : 25 pip and average loss size is 27 pips. We recommend broker accounts with lowest possible spreads on all the traded pairs. iProfit strategy is not to outsmart the markets. The EA trading style keeps generating small gains while keeping losses low – the trading volume gradually add up to net profits. iProfit aims to bring in monthly gains consistently, however there have been losing month (s) in the past and must be expected in future also.

Screenshots of typical trades across various pairs during the same time period is presented above. The iProfit Forex Robot HUD (chart messages) will indicate the current price action status from the EA’s point of view. Advance trade entry notification will be displayed along with entry price when Bullish/Bearish conditions are present. Entry price is made spread independent by the trigger price being calculated as average of Ask and Bid. This reduces trade differences between accounts with different spreads. However, trade trigger will only happen if the price touches/crosses the entry/exit price. Broker feed difference of about 1 pip would be common and this may lead to entry time difference/no entry in some cases. iProfit Forex Robot is a frequent trader and averages about 100 trades. Trade differences between account (if any) would be smoothed out with in a short period of time.

iProfit Trading Strategy Explained

iProfit Forex Robot is a trading system designed to profit from most market conditions. The strategy is typically followed by professional day traders with many years of experience. PhiBase Technologies has implemented this strategy as a fast learning neural network since it involves dynamic adaptation to the most price movements seen within the previous 4 to 52 hours. The strategy also involves decision making based on prior data which is considered by many as an art rather an exact science. iProfit NN model does not contain hard set rules, indicators or formulas. The EA attempts to trade the normal price movements seen within a H1 bar – The NN model only predicts the upper/lower price for the next H1 bar(s). Prediction is based on a recursive self-learning algo which has an excellent predictive accuracy of over 70%.

While the NN model is an important part of the strategy, the core of iProfit is the decision making model which mimics the mind of the day trader. While the High/Low is made available for each bar, the buy/sell/ignore decision is based on price action and probability of success. multiple moving average cross over, support/resistance and stochastics are used to present the current market situation. The moving averages period is dynamically adjusted between 4 to 20 to meet the strategy requirement. The strategy core modules are explained in the following diagram for better understanding of trade entry/exit.

iProfit Forex Robot Back-Tests : 12 Year Tick-Data Reports

iProfit Forex Robot has been tested extensively using the high quality tick data with spread of 1 pip and commission of $0.7 per lot. All tests presented for iProfit have been conducted on DukasCopy Tick Data at 99% modeling accuracy.

iProfit is one of the very rare strategies where uninterrupted live performance of 6 years is available for comparison with backtest results to ensure validity of backtests. Read the full Review of iProfit Forex Robot.

The strategy test reports are presented below:

IProfit Forex Robot

Additional Information : iProfit Technical Reports

During the financial crisis of 2008/2009, the VIX index went above 50 signalling the start of the market meltdown – The new volatile price action lasted for about two years after the start of the crisis.

iProfit is known to perform well in volatile conditions and had gained about 5000 pips between 2009-2010. In the above chart, the projected period of 2020 to 2022 uses the data and performance seen in 2008/2010 to provide an idea of what the future performance may look like (Of course there is no guarantee it will be a repeat of past performance).

The current market condition is a health disaster – much worse that the financial sector meltdown seen earlier – the market uncertainty and volatility is expected to remain elevated for a much longer period since a lot of sectors are affected due to this pandemic. In addition to this, major events like US elections, Brexit and trade deals will provide iProfit with good opportunities to trade.

iProfit Forex Robot

After the initial shock of COVID, the world is adopting to the “New Normal”. Economies around the world will begin to emerge from the damage brought about by the pandemic – as always, we will all come out stronger.

Phibase team views such events as a real time test of the efficacy and profitability of its strategies. iProfit Forex Robot has completed seven years in live trading and in the process is proving to be one of the most robust/reliable automated trading systems available commercially. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, iProfit is the only commercially available neural network or AI based system with has a verified track record. We are happy to present the following report on iProfit’s current and potential future performance.

The latest iProfit Forex Robot V3 which was released in Sept 2019 has been performing inline with our expectations. iProfit’s neural network modeled on a short learning period of 52 hours has been an ideal strategy for Forex trading. This is especially evident in conditions where large fund flows/reallocation between currencies are shifting swiftly within the day. Clearly from iProfit Forex Robot back-tests it is evident that the high volatility periods and price action post such major economic events are best suited for the strategy with gains of over 5000 pips seen in Oct 2008- 2009 period. At other periods, iProfit had been gaining consistently between 700 to 1500 pips even during the low volatility periods seen between 2013 to 2016.

While live trading on real money accounts are the most reliable form of strategy analysis, strategy tests are equally important. It is quite easy for a strategy to be successful in real trading for three months, six months or maybe even one or two years. But there is no guarantee or information about the actual drawdown the strategy may see in future or when price action goes against it. This will lead to setting risk levels which will be harmful to the account when drawdowns occur.

The strategy tests provides a clear indication of what to expect from trading the strategy over long term and across various price actions. Setting risk based on strategy tests is a good way to know what is normal drawdown and when the drawdown is considered going beyond acceptable range of the strategy. Strategy tests (when honest) can also help provide good information if the strategy can be traded even before it has generated enough live trading history – an approach which has proven very profitable for our long term members. Here you can actually see the gains in your account rather than watch the EA gain in the account you are tracking.

For making a decision to trade the strategy based on strategy tests requires good understanding about the drawdown ranges, trading style and setting the right risk for being able to trade comfortably. All this in addition to the trust you have on the vendor.

iProfit Forex Robot is one of the rare strategies which has an uninterrupted live trading history of almost six years. There have been no parameters or EA updates which makes it possible to compare live trades with back-test of same period. This is a great way to validate the strategy tests of longer periods. Read more about how to choose a good trading system.

iProfit Forex Robot

iProfit Forex Robot (MT4 EA) Pricing Plans

Purchases made under this offer are covered by the Avangate 30 day money back policy. Please note that performance over short term periods can never be guaranteed and refunds claim should not be based on this aspect. We encourage traders to fully understand the strategy and set expectations as per their risk appetite. Feel free to get in touch with Phibase HelpDesk for any clarifications.

Purchases made under this offer are NOT covered by the Avangate 30 day money back policy. We are able to extend this price on direct purchase since it overrides the payment processing system which accounts for developer processing/marketing fees and royalty payments

About Phibase Technologies

Phibase Technologies is one of the most respected developers of Expert Advisors in the Forex trading community. At Phibase, we value honesty-professionalism at every level and work towards making automated trading successful for our members. PhiBase also provides members with regular technical reports based on important events or additional information which would help them understand the trading system better. PhiBase has one of the best customer support in the industry.

We believe that developing a good product is just one part of the success story – Building customer confidence in the trading system is among our top priorities. Our product websites present the detailed strategy test reports, live forward tests, statistical analysis, complete description of trading strategy built into the system. We continue providing useful additional information to our members by publishing periodic technical reports on various topics.

All PhiBase products are backed by our world class support center. PhiBase HelpDesk responds to emails from any part of the globe within 6 hours. All three aspects and our customer-centric business model goes into making Phibase Technologies as one of the most reliable Forex EA developers in the world.

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